Trailer Kitchen Hire

If you're looking for towable trailer kitchen hire, a Sprinter from On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd could be just the job!

This versatile temporary kitchen unit offers an easy-in easy-out solution that can be applied to a wide variety of uses.

Plug and Play Kitchen

With a flexible layout and the option of being fully self-contained, it is a great choice for:

Emergency Kitchens

Whether following a fire or flood, we can have you back up and running in no time.

Planned Refurbishment Replacement

Ideal for care homes, pubs and restaurants whilst existing kitchens are being updated.

Event Kitchen Hire

A perfect takeaway food unit for burgers, pizzas, fish and chips, sandwiches, hot beverages and more.

Domestic Kitchen Refurbishment

The Sprinter's size also makes it suitable as a replacement kitchen for large domestic properties during the installation of high-end kitchens.

Temporary Film Shoot Kitchen

Great for catering cast and crew on location, whether it is a green field site, on street or the grounds of a building.

Portable Chef Training Kitchen

Attached to your HQ or other offices, the Sprinter is an excellent unit for training newly recruited chefs and catering staff.

And many more applications...

We pride ourselves on meeting every client's specific requirements. Each of our kitchen installations is a bespoke solution designed around your needs.

Bespoke Design

Bespoke Layout

The interior of the Sprinter can be tailored with a layout and catering equipment to meet your exact requirements.

Each hire is individual to the client and we will work with you to ensure an optimal working area, making your chef's life easier and maximising profit potential.

Beware of the Cowboys!

On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd offer a competitively priced service, backed by professionals with nearly 20 years experience in the provision of temporary kitchens.

If money is tight, be wary of anyone offering what appears to be very cheap event kitchen hire. The safety of your staff should be paramount and a poorly maintained unit could endanger life as well as your profit margin.

Make sure it is clear what is included, such as delivery, installation and collection. Plus, who is responsible if there is a fault with any equipment.

The price we quote is the price you pay with no hidden extras!

Call for a Quote

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United Kingdom and Europe

With good links to the motorway network, On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd operate nationwide, with satisfied customers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

We also regularly travel to Ireland and mainland Europe, including: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland and beyond.