Emergency Kitchen and Appliance Hire

Should you find yourself with a kitchen emergency, why not give On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd a call and we can help.

Whether you're a catering equipment distributor, service engineer, events co-ordinator, pub or hotel chain, care home group, educational establishment or insurance loss adjuster we can solve your problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Expect the Unexpected...

That's our motto and we do it all day long. On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd stock over 700 temporary kitchens and catering equipment pieces on our site.

We can quickly deliver facilities to you at short notice to have you back up and running following any emergency, be it fire, flood, mechanical failure or good old fashioned project mis-management.

Who Needs a Temporary Kitchen?

Temporary kitchens can be used when:

  • Fixed kitchens are put out of action unexpectedly, for example, by fire or flood.
  • Kitchen refurbishments are being carried out.
  • Extra kitchen space is required.
  • Catering at events.

Or simply as part of disaster planning. The reasons for needing a temporary kitchen can vary from nice to necessary and the timeframe from planned to immediate.

So, when the unexpected happens, call us for emergency kitchen hire and / or catering equipment hire.


When a well-known service company recently had an emergency at a UK International Airport, On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd had a new oven delivered and installed within 2 hours.

The client's response was simply:

Thanks On-Site, you're a life saver!".

For some examples of our temporary emergency kitchens, take a look at our case studies pages.

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United Kingdom and Europe

With good links to the motorway network, On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd operate nationwide, with satisfied customers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

We also regularly travel to Ireland and mainland Europe, including: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland and beyond.